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Arts and Crafts Pieces

Hi All:

I’m looking for somewhere to see a good number of Arts and Crafts
jewelry pieces on display in the Southeast or near NYC. I hear there
is a museum in Winter Park, Florida that has a collection of A&C
and/or Art Noveau, and I’ve also heard of a Museum in Richmond,
Virginia, but I have no on these or others. I live in
the Southeast, but travel to NYC to visit family. I will be there
about July 8th, if you know of anything, email. Also anything else
jewelry related I should see.

I went through the Met, but saw relatively little A&C. Missed the
American Wing except for the glassed in part – is it over there?

Thanks for your help,

Dear Roy, As a former VCV student in Richmond, VA, I spent many hours
in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond ( on the Boulevard,
few blocks south of Boulevard and Broad St.). At that time,(1970),
they had the largest collection of Peter Carl Fabrege’(sp?) works
outside of Russia, they were AWESOME beyond belief! I had occasion to
return to Richmond two years ago and of course my first stop (after
relatives) was the Museum. I found that it had been MORE than doubled
in size and contained works that would make International Museums
green with envy. As to the period you are interested in, there is a
wing devoted to the craftsmanship of folks like Alphonse Mocha and
other Nouveau artists and a special area for Tiffany that includes
his stained glass work and jewelry too along with others of his
period. The Fabrege stuff is there still, but different pieces than I
remember from before. It is DEFINITELY worth going there if you are
in the area or passing thru. Williamsburg is also a great place to go
and only about two hours outside Richmond Worth it in spades.

Good Luck, Suzanne