Arts and Crafts Jewelry in Scotland

I am traveling to Scotland to do research. Any suggestions on
viewing A & C jewelry, metalwork? I will be staying in Edinburgh,
and will be visiting the museums. Anyone have any shops to


Hi Margaret,

I’m not sure if you will be travelling through to Glasgow (only 45
minutes on the train from Edinburgh) but I would highly recommend
looking in at ORRO in Bank St (in the West end of Glasgow) : Tel +44
141 357 6999. They also have a shop in Wilson St in the city centRe:
Email If you are passing through London, the
Dazzle exhibition is currently showing at the National Theatre on the
South Bank and is well worth a look with some fabulous and diverse
pieces from a wide range of designer jewellers. This exhibition is
showing concurrently at Manchester and will travel to Edinburgh and
Glasgow during 2004. I’m
sure other Scottish Orchidians will have useful suggestions for
shops to see - hope you have a wonderful trip to Scotland!

Best wishes,