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Artrider/park avenue

hello folks, was wondering if anybody has any comments about the
’fall’ crafts park avenue show in nyc by artrider productions inc. ?

…new york or not new york ? this is the question…

santa fe, new mexico

Emanuela, I have had good success at the Park Ave Art Rider shows.
There are others that organize shows at the same armory. I believe
Rider to have the best shows in NYC. Be aware it can be a wonderful
hot day where it seems like everybody in the city goes to the
country. The show is easy for me t o do because I can drive 7 hours
the show and stay with family. It wou ld be a lot more expensive to do
if I had to fly and rent a hotel room. If you can combine the show
with other projects in the city it may easier to justify the costs.
Good Luck, Etienne

P.S. I am off to the Art Rider show in Morristown NJ tonight.