ArtMetal Features Volume III Issue II

ArtMetal Features

                  Volume III Issue II

In this Issue…

  • Aggressive Solutions: Contemporary Works in Metal by
    Susan Ewing
  • A Physician and the Love of Steel - a Hephaistos special
  • Heat Forming Glass for Lamp Shades - Slumping Glass
  • Interior Cutting Dies or Punching a Hole in a Doughnut
  • SNAPSHOTs presents: The Artwork of Gerd Edinger

Aggressive Solutions: Contemporary Works in Metal
by Susan Ewing

Written by Keith Farley

Most generally, Ewing sets the stage using primary
shapes and forms, most notably circles, spheres,
lines, and triangles. Using these as vehicles by
which to convey notions of the self, she further
develops each work to confront the viewer with some
embodiment of tension–from something as simple as
the subtle suggestion of imbalance to impending

     Claus-Frenz Claussen
     A Physician and the Love of Steel
     Pia-Maria Huber
     HEPHAISTOS 3/4, 1996, pp. 12-13
     Tr: Mike Spencer,


     Professor Claus-Frenz Claussen is famous for his
     ground-breaking research in neuro-otology. His
     second obsession after medicine is art. The
     professor at the University of W=FCrzburg is a
     success as a self-taught sculptor in steel.

  Heat Forming Glass for Lamp Shades - slumping glass

Gabriel Romeu shows how to make distinctive glass lamp
shades without having to go to a manufacturing facility.
You may think this is too hard to do, but if you really
want to make unique lampware, a well designed lamp shade
can make the difference between a collectable and an
ordinary lamp.



          Technique courtesy of Dave Shelton of Sheltech
          Written by Lee Marshall

          The basic process was developed in the
          thirties by Douglas Aircraft for fabricating
          large panels of aluminum to build the DC-3
          airplane. They laid the die on the floor,
          lifted the middle portion, slid a sheet of
          metal into it and drove a pavement roller over
          it to blank out the part! These ranged from 8
          to 12 feet across.

          Between Dave's and Lee's detailed explanations
          and illustrations, you can now make your own
          dies to cut out smaller parts without having
          to use a pavement roller.


The Artwork of Gerd Edinger

Site designed by Vladimir Pozek

At the heart of the artistic creation of Gerd Edinger are
two of the concepts most suggestive for the connection of
man with the world and his interpretation of existence: the
concepts of TIME and CULTURE.

Vladimir has done an outstanding job developing the site for
Edinger’s artwork. You will find that he has created several
cyber galleries using 3D effects and image link mapping to
view a large body of Edinger’s artwork.

I was astounded with the work presented and would have
really enjoyed it even more if there were text descriptions
of the artwork. But even though I was left with a desire to
learn more about the artist, I have to say that the time I
spent viewing Edinger’s artwork was extremely rewarding.

enrique - ArtMetal editor

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