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Artists Life Insurance?

Hi Folks, At the risk of exceeding your patience, and my bandwidth
allowance, please indulge me to ask another question. Thank you!

Does anyone know of or recommend an organization that has life
and/or health insurance programs for independent artists?

Muchos gracias,
Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Dave, MJSA has started offering health insurance programs for its
members, including one-man shops. They can be reached at
1-800-444-MJSA or

Suzanne Wade
Phone: (508) 339-7366
Fax: (520) 563-8255

Dave - Florida Society of Goldsmiths is trying to research the
feasibility of getting a group policy going for our members. So far
we’ve hit a brick wall. It seems that the state of Florida won’t
allow “organizations” to apply as a group. I spoke to Dana Singer of
SNAGlast year about this same thing. SNAG used to offer a health
insurance policy to its members. However, they no longer do. If
anyone else out in Orchid has a suggestion, I’m all ears. And I
will report whatever I can find out in the future. Gini Rollins -
from Florida but currently in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina

FYI : Health insurance sold through membership organizations is not
the same as “Group rated Insurance”. It is basically the same as
calling a local independent agent in your area that reps several
companies and receiving a price quote. If you are a member of your
local Chamber of Commerce and seen their mail outs for insurance,
its not group rated insurance either.

Due to the complicated insurance laws, member based organizations
are not eligible to offer a true “group rate” to their members.
According to Ron Harder President of Jeweler’s Mutual and various
local agents.

If you are looking for health benefits at a reduced amount the only
option that might apply is by using an employee leasing company.
With an employee leasing company your employees (you can include
yourself) you pay them what amounts to an administrative fee to pay
all your employees and pay all your employment taxes via a “lease
payment”. Since your “employees” work for the leasing company, they
are eligible for the “group insurance” that the leasing company may
have in place. Leasing companies all have different plans,options
and requirements.

If anyone has discovered alternative health insurance options,
please share.

Not trying to burst anyone’s bubble, but these are the facts.

Thank you.
Arthur Gordon

To anyone researching health insurance: One suggestion I have is to
carry a health insurance plan with a large deductable-$1000.00 or
more. Keep enough money to cover the deductable in an interest
bearing bank account. If that is not feasable have a credit card
with no annual fee and as low an interest rate as you can find with a
credit limit large enough to cover the deductable. Use this card only
for your deductable. Depending on the plan you choose, your
preventative fees; doctor’s visits, routine exams and testscan be
covered by a co-pay from $10.00 to $25.00 per visit. The monthly
premium cost to one woman artist I know in her 50s doing her
insurance this way is about $70.00 plus her co-pay. Her policy is a
PPO with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Contact an independent
insurance agent to help you shop plans and providers and translate
insurance lingo if you are trying to make health insurance
affordable for yourself. Cathy Taylor

Dear Gini, The Chicago Artists Coalition has been offering artist
studio and health insurance for a while now. I am not sure if they
can help but try checking out:

Also a group called WDCC (Wisconsin Designer Craft Council) offers
insurance to their members. I believe they have a web presence as
well at

Perhaps they can fill you in on how it worked for them.

Karen in Northern Illinois

Hello. I have been researching this very thing! The best I have
come up with so far is the National Association for the
Self-Employed. You can find info about them at “” I
hope this helps.

Dara Rowe
Las Vegas, NV