Artist's group health insurance

Years ago I had group coverage through a Maine crafts group, then
through NOW. Then where my husband works offered coverage, so we
switched to that. They are ending coverage at the end of the month
due to the economic climate, and I need to find another way to get
group coverage where pre-existing conditions are not an issue.
Anyone have any suggestions? The two I used in the past don’t offer
health insurance any more unfortunately. I haven’t had any luck doing
internet searches so far. Surely there is some sort of artist’s
group out there???

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio


Our Chamber of Commerce has health insurance available to members.
Pre-existing conditions are excluded from coverage for a period of
time (twelve months, I think). That’s the maximum period allowed by
state law and/or HIPPA. Check on your state’s laws.

Good luck,

Try your local Chamber of Commerce.

Try and the artist’s group Fractured Atlas.


Beth, ABANA (Artist Blacksmith Association of North America) offers a
group medical insurance plan for its members. Here is the link to the
insurance page:

Membership to ABANA is reasonable, only $55 per year. They are open
to all interested parties. I have been a member for 30 plus years
yet I am a metal artist not a blacksmith.

David Luck

Try convincing your Congress-person to endorse a Universal Health
Care Plan.


You might try using a broker to find health insurance. I was stumped
years ago trying to figure this out and a gallery that I dealt with
recommended their broker. A good broker should have great knowledge
of the market and resources to find what is available to you.

Good luck,

A very timely thread. These connections to various organizations who
offer plans to their members shows that there is strength in numbers.
( since this is not a political forum, I’ll restrain myself). The
bigger the group, the more powerful their leverage in negotiation
with insurance companies who want their business.

Ignoring the 800lb debate in the room, the most effective thing we
could do as individuals and as a group is combine every single group
that can possibly find connection into ONE group for health
insurance: artists; suppliers; CERF; ACC; every media organization;
galleries; educators; students; museums; schools; promoters; auction
houses; collector organizations; non profit arts organizations;
photographers and every other connected maker; service person etc.
This could include ALL art forms from painters to pianists; writers;
performers etc. Perhaps we could mesh with such heavy hitters as the
film industry.

We all work hard, contribute to the economy and to our society. We
would have a better shot at reasonable rates if we had the strength
of numbers. I don’t know how your health insurance is, but my coverage
is really good. For that, my healthy husband and I pay what we would
have been ecstatic to earn in a year, on top of large deductibles.
Don’t mentions “previous conditions”

There are art health programs. Wonder who would do the work needed
to make it big enough to be heard?

Marianne Hunter