Artistic jewelry and gem thefts

Oddly enough, in another life I was a homicide reporter…

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Thieves LOVE shows and conventions of any kind, especially if near a state border. I’ve known musicians whose touring vans have been ripped off like this. You can’t leave your goods for a moment. Terrible :frowning:

While researching if selling at a small local street fair would be a good fit for me, I found a previous vendor’s review which mentioned the presence of the South American Group… add the words theft and jewelry, and google it.

It’s logical they would target folks associated with jewelry stores, but who would have thought they would target artisans at a small obscure street fair where nearly everything sells for less than $20.?

I learned that after they identify a target at an event, the individuals travel in different vehicles to avoid detection while they follow the target to gas stations, restaurants or overnight locations. They are frighteningly sophisticated, organized, violent, fearless and they usually get away with their crimes, including murder.