Artistic feeling & copycats

dear pat in thailand -

<< In doing so we contract within ourselves become small minded and mean. >>

i honestly do not wish to sound anti-asian but, let’s face it, your
country, along with japan, china, taiwan, both koreas, to name only a
few, is not known for paying royalties - or even acknowledging
proprietary ownership - to inventors & innovators in my country.

so while you may believe your viewpoint of ‘share & share alike
regardless of origin’ is “fair”, it is obvious that you have never
had a design/idea copied, otherwise you would understand that the
only cure for a copier of another’s idea (or more humorously, ‘a
husband stealing other woman’) is to get a good one of your own!

hopefully, when an innovation/design strikes you further down the
road of experience you will remember your ‘share’ attitude & have the
grace to blush.