Artist Societies in Ellijay, GA

i have heard that ellijay, georgia is a place where there are many
artists and craftspeople,i was in the town, and it was not
striking with much highend craftsmanship at all, except for country
things, i was thinking of moving there, anyone know anything
about ellijay??, dp

Though I don’t know much, I live in Athens GA and have driven through
Ellijay, but have stayed in Blue Ridge a few times. 1. Apples are
very popular there 2. Blue Ridge is a bit touristy. lots of crafty
and artsy shops. Fall is a big time of year for that area in general
because of the mountains/fall leaves and back to #1 - apples. I think
there is a bit of the fine art element, as lots of people that
vacation in the area have money to spend, but my opinion is that it
does tend more towards the mountain crafty side, lots of log
furniture and black bear inspired stuff. Its a great area to visit
and maybe if Ellijay doesn’t specifically speak to you, but you want
to live in a tourist driven mountain town check out Blue Ridge or
some of the smaller towns around Asheville NC such as Black
Mountain. Don’t know if any of this was a help, but I do love that