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[Artist] Rocio Heredia

Hello everyone, Most of us probably remember the beautiful works
posted recently on the list by Rocio Heredia, a self-taught metal
artist from Mexico. I have been communicating with her for the last 2
months over the Internet. She is an incredible, very fine and
courageous person. But above all that, extremely talented. Rocio is
graced with a unique, natural talent, and her love for the metal,
radiates from each and every piece of her work. She is truly a rare
find. I would like to sponsor Rocio and help her attend a
chasing/repousse workshop at my studio this summer. Although the
workshop will be free of charge, she will still need some money for
the plane ticket, hotel, and other expenses – in my calculation
about $1500. I wonder if any of you know about organizations, colleges
or universities, which could provide small grants and help an
emerging talented artist. I understand that this is such a short
notice, but believe me Rocio deserves every bit of this effort. I
think we will all feel good if we could help her. Warmest regards,
Valentin Yotkov

Hello Valentin;

Take a look at the various grants listed on the Society of North
American Goldsmith’s website:

Good Luck,
David L. Huffman

Check out the SNSG web site they have
links to individual artists grants which may or may not lead you to
what you are looking for. Also try your search engine for individual
artists grants. You have to find the organization that provides the
grant and then the grant requirements.
They are out there if you have the time to look. Frank Goss