Artist Reps?

Hi all,
Following our discussion of shows, galleries and trying to find
your market; I was curious on anyones’ opinion of or thoughts on
using an artist representitive. A designer I used to work for had
several reps. Her work was placed in many stores all over the
U.S. and she did many trade and trunk shows. Her work was on a
bigger scale of production than what I do now. Reps maybe are
more of a suitable idea for a higher production outfit? But it
seemed to have really helped her circulate her work, sorta
paying someone to do legwork for you and hopefully get you into
places you might not have had access to.

Can anyone share their thoughts on this topic or experiences? Am
I understanding the concept of reps correctly and for whom it
might be most applicable? Thank you so much for your information
and precious time. I greatly appreciate all who are involved in
this site and Dr. Aspler for providing us with this great
opportunity.-Carrie Nunes