Artist in Seattle; looking to travel the US

I am an artist in Seattle who is interested in traveling throughout
the US to meet new artists and possibly shadow them. I am recently
laid off and have a few months off before I go back to school.

My ideal scenario would resemble any people who have their own
studios that would feel comfortable having a new person come and take
a look.

This can range anywhere from a studio tour to bench work. I will be
responsible for my own travel, food, lodging and other expenses.

If you are an artist who is interested, or know of an artist that is
interested, please let me know. I am happy to provide resume,
letters of reference, and anything else that chronicles my good

Thank you so much in advance for the time and consideration.


Elizabeth, count me in! I support your vision and would love to have
you come hang out in my studio in the CO ROckies. If you’re
comfortable staying in our house, my husband and I would love to
offer you the guest room for a night or two. If you’d rather stay in
lodging, that’s OK too. See my website for examples of my work if
that makes a difference on where you visit.

Sam (Susan) Kaffine