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[Artist] Daniel Brush

Hi Orchid gang, Just wanted to share this. I saw a profile on
Daniel Brush on the CBS Sunday Morning program. Maybe others have
been aware of this great artist but it was my first introduction
to his work. I was absolutely blown away by his goldwork as well
as his beautifully unusual personality. So I went looking for
some more info on him today on Yahoo. I found this- Anyone interested should
check this guy out and his current exhibition. It is at the
National Museum of American Art in Washington,D.C. in the
Renwick Gallery. I don’t know this man at all but was very moved
by his work that I saw and thought others might be interested.
-Carrie Nunes @tnunes

I stopped at the Renwick a few weeks ago while in D.C. and was a
little on the stunned side that I had never heard of Daniel Brush

Great show, If you could possibly make it the show is well worth
it. One of those times when I couldn’t even begin to figure out
how he did things…

Karen in Northern Illinois where we just had our first snow.