Artisans group jurying, organizing a craft show

I am a board member (for my sins!) with a new artisans group tied
into a tourism effort in my geographic area. Among the goals for the
artisans group are to create a juried membership category, and to
produce at least one show a year for that membership. Exact details
are still up in the air, but one target market written into the
existing grant is a show for local retailers, to expose them to
local artisans.

So… I would love to hear suggestions, what has worked, horror
stories, you name it, on either the jury process for this type of
group, or on putting on a first time show.

I have some experience putting on shows, but not lots; and some
experience attending shows as an exhibitor; but I really would love
some input!

Currently we have a very small group of artists and business people
working together to get this effort off the ground. One of my
concerns is what is a minimum number of artists to make even a small
show worthwhile. Another concern is what will it take to get the
local business people to actually come to look at work.

Any ideas, suggestions, etc. would be most gratefully received. You
may replay off-forum at @Beth_Wicker if you prefer.

Thanks in advance.

Beth in SC who is tired of having to wear long underwear in her
studio… it is NOT supposed to be this cold in SC!!!