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Articulated vs. Reticulated

Nice try Fishbre but no cigar !! Articulated in mechanical
terminology (and included in the dictionary) refers to being
jointed and free to move, I understood correctly or incorrectly
that this person has a technique for casting as a unit two or
more pieces that are free to move relative to each other, I have
seen commercial die castings made this way and am hoping to learn
a way to do wax castings that can do this wonderful magic. Stay in
touch Fishbre. I’ve enjoyed your contributions. Sol K.

Sol–Hi! If you find out how it’s done, let us know. I’ve been
interested in making articulated insects but haven’t discovered
how short of using cold connections after they’re cast. Sandra

Hi Sol! Thank you for proving the old saying “you learn
something everyday!” I appreciate all the knowledge found in this
group! : )

Looking forward to more discussions!!!