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Articles and Videos on Metalsmithing

Didn’t Ganoksin used to have information and some videos on Metalsmithing?


there are a few ways to research information on metalsmithing.

While in the Orchid forum, you can search (the archive of past posts) for topics of interest, by typing in the search bar (located at the top right of the Orchid forum)

You can go out of Orchid, and into Ganoksin (there is “back to Ganoksin” button at the top left of the Orchid forum that you can click on, to go to Ganoksin.)

alternately, here is the link to the learning center within Ganoksin.



Scroll to the top of the page,

On the top left side of the screen is an arrow and it says “Back to Ganoksin”. Click on it.

Then click on the green box that says “Visit our Learning Center”, in order to see the articles and videos about Metalsmithing.

That’s it, thanks…