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Article on Tool Modifications

Hi Joanne
I’m going to compile my photo’s & send everyone the mini-article. Thanks for your email…:wink:

Gerry! from my mobile-phone!

Hi there Gerry.
I too would like a copy if possible . I am an avid “inhaler” of all things jewellery construction. Though only a "hobbyist " it is nice to have access to conversations that enable me to continue to learn about this .
Thank you

Hi Jerry,it’s been a long time since we have been in touch with each other. I have started engravingetting and would appreciate information on your gravers.
Your friend in Green Bay
George Poblocki

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Hi George
So great in hearing from you…again!!! What do you need to know about my

Gerry Lewy

Do you have instructions on sharpening them. Will you be in Green Bay anytime this year?

I have loads of printed material. I don’t think I will be coming to your area, there are loads of filming I’m now starting.
As we are getting close to our Passover season, I will try to get them out to you asap!!

Gerry! from my mobile-phone!

I have a great idea, send me your home address. I’ll snail-mail you a USB gift to you, only 6GB’s of very useful setting information. This has all kinds of information that has never been compiled can you imagine 1,427 files in 127 folders… all I need is the shipping coverage…regards!

Gerry! from my mobile-phone!

Gerry, send preamble to

I would also appreciate any info on gravers if available, if possible? can be really difficult to find experienced information at times. Thank you in advance if you are able! James at

Dropbox is an excellent way to share big files with multiple people and the more people who join, the more free space you get!


As I’m about to send everyone my graver notes, I’m missing a few email
addresses. I need yours “Irene in Perth”. All I have is "mrsples2
“Gerry Lewy in Toronto”

Gerry Lewy
Toronto, Ontario.

Hi Gary,

I’d love to get those notes from you too. My email is


Hi Gerry
Thanks ,Irene

Hi Irene
My essays with photographs, will be sent out today. So many thanks for
getting back to me. Isn’t Orchid just a great site?

Gerry Lewy
Toronto, Ontario.

I would love to see your info and pics too.
My email,

Like many of us, I bought an inexpensive rolling mill years ago and, after a short period of time, wondered how I got along without it for so long. After a couple more years, I bought a bigger Durston C130. The old mill sat around and I only used it to texture stock. One of the shortcomings of the Durston is that I was never able to purchase the V profiled outboard roller that they showed on their website. I spent a lot of time talking to Durston and their distributors, but we never figured out how to do it, so I gave up. I recently found a retired machinist with a nice shop. I took the top flat roller from the old mill to him and he was able to machine a series of V grooves in different sizes into it as well as two double V grooves that I will use to make bracelet base stock. It all seems to work real well, so I can say that I have modified an old tool to make it serve another purpose. We probably all have many examples of how we have done this and just take them for granted. Hopefully they can be shared…Rob

Do you have some instruction materials and or pictures


Hi Madalyn
I have ALL LEVELS of Gem-Stone setting information. My notes/essays are
from the absolute “Basics” to “Ultra-Advanced & Beyond”. If you send me
your email address, I’ll put together a list of the Basic instructional
level with loads of great photographs! “

Gerry Lewy
Toronto, Ontario.

I was reminded of this thread yesterday,
as I was setting a Princess Cut Diamond, and using a couple of specially altered tools for the setting job.

The first tool is a simple pair of hardware store pliers, with a set of bevels cuts added toward the tips, for gripping and closing down V corner prongs on Princess Cut and Marquis Shaped stones.
The second tool is made from square tool stock, held in a graverhandle and is a burnisher used for cleaning and burnishing around prongs, and inside V corner prongs, after these areas have been cleaned up with a flat graver.
Neither tool is totally my own idea, as I freely have always shared and borrowed techniques for making tools work better and have long ago forgotten who first shared these simple tool customizations.

James-I do a v cap tool modification with round nose pliers. In my case I
make them to pre bend the v cap on Pear shaped stones so that I can bevel
and polish the v cap inside edge before I set the stone. That saves me from
having to bright cut with a graver after setting.
Jo Haemer