[Article] Hunting for "Jedi" Spinelsin Mogok

Hunting for “Jedi” Spinelsin Mogok by the Gemological Institute of

In the spring of 2001, I was studying gemology in Yangon, Myanmar,
thanks to the support of U Kyaw Thaung, a Burmese merchant from
Mogok. It was a great period in my early life as a gemologist,
living for several months with a Burmese gem trading family in an
exotic country. One day, my host was visited by Hemi Englisher, a
Bangkok-based gem dealer. When they finished business, Hemi asked me
to join them, as he wanted to show me something special (figures 1
and 2). In his hand was something I had never seen: stunning little
gems with a bright neon pinkish red color, convincing me that
spinels could equal rubies in beauty.

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