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[Article] Daniel Brush

Hi, There is an article with photos about Daniel Brush in the
August 1998 issue of Smithsonian magazine vol.29 # 5. Abrams
published a book in 1998 Daniel Brush: Gold without Bounderies by
Ralph Esmarian. And if you know a platinum American Express
cardholder ask to see their March/April 1997 issue of
Departures magazine which includes an article by Marion Fasel and
Penny Proddow “A Brush with Greatness: The Extraordinary Objets
d’Art of Daniel Brush” For those of you who are interested in
learning more. Susan Sarantos @auag

My wife Mae, and I saw the exhibit at the Renwick and we were
blown away. Every item on exhibit a masterpiece. I do have one
question, when he sets the gold into steel it appears as
granulation but there is no method of doing this, does he drill
a hole for each gold granule and stake it in place or what? I
have the book and there is no mention of the methods used. Daniel
Brush will no longer be an unknown after this exhibit, he will rank at the top echelon.