Arthritic shanks that don't stay closed

Has anyone had any experience with the SuperFit rings “Arthritic
Shanks” not staying closed, and falling off the finger?

I have telephoned superfit several times and found them VERY good
about ‘hand-holding’ you while ‘walking you through the steps’ to
adjust their rings. Give them a call at 800-765-7111. Usual

David Barzilay
Lord of the Rings
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Generally you just need to slightly open the arc at the bottom of
the Superfit shank.

Jeff Dunnington

I can think of only 2 reasons a Superfit would not stay closed.
Adjustment is first. By properly adjusting the closing tension by
reshaping the bottom section, it should stay closed. If it is too
loose, or otherwise misaligned, it will open. The other problem is
if the top section is too light to hold the tension. This would
result from letting the original ring to be the entire structural
element on the top, which in some cases is incorrect. IMHO, these
are one of the best of the arthritic shanks, at least the one I like
to recommend most often. I haven’t had any trouble with one yet,
though some have required creative installation to maintain
structural integrity and therefore proper fit and operation. If all
else fails, contact the company and see if they have any ideas (I’m
assuming you don’t have the installation instructions in front of

Jim in NC mountains, where the ski season is done and spring is trying
really hard to arrive.

    Has anyone had any experience with the SuperFit rings
"Arthritic Shanks" not staying closed, and falling off the finger? 

I installed a few of them before I realized that the entire shank
acts as a spring. Obvious to others, I just hadn’t given it any
thought. The biggest problems seem to occur when installing a
platinum Superfit in a small size. The platinum is not very spring
like, and the small size narrows down the area of of the spring.
Remember that any thin area will absorb any tension and any heavy
area will not flex. This concentrates the tension on the available

I won’t use Superfit shanks on a lot of designs because of these
limitations now.

Perfectly Fabulous Fit. Arthritic shanks.

To Whom it May Concern: Check out the website for the best arthritic
shanks on the market, and have been for 15 years.

Some very good on why others have big problems.

Your ‘arthritic shank’ problem may be solved by calling Reller, Inc.
in Gainesville, FL and ask about the ‘Dovetail Systems’ ring shanks.
I met the creator, and fellow Orchidian, of this unique shank at
the Orchid dinner in NYC two weeks ago. Margery F. Cooper, Narberth, PA