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Art2Part / ArtCAM

Before I take the plunge, anyone have any experience with the
Art2Part system or using ArtCAM?

Rick Hamilton

Hello Rick,

Before you take the plunge and buy look at . Much better pricing and more for
your money. Remember the learning curve!!

Best Regards,
Harry Abraham

I’d be interested in on this also, Is it worth the
expense? How easy/hard is it? Is there a way to try before you
buy? It’s so expensive I hate to put that much cash into
something that will take to much time to earn back it’s

Aloha Rick, We are a Dealer and Technical Representative for
Art2Part systems and ArtCAM Pro software solutions. We are also
modelmakers and offer services to the trade. I would be happy to
answer any questions, you may have. Please contact me off list,
unless you think it would interest, the list.

Best Regards,

Christian Grunewald
Precision Modelmaking

I have an art2part cad/cam system. Really great system. It’s
not rocket science, but sometimes I wonder. The learning curve
for the cad/cam software just to get something recognizable isn’t
too long - the finer points take a bit longer. Lots of stuff to
learn and remember. The Artcam software is pretty slick with
plenty of special methods of creating a 3D relief. Been learning
mine for 6 months and am still figuring things out. If you enjoy
sitting at the computer for hours, you will have a great time
with this system.

You will need plenty of spare time to practice, screw up and
start all over again. You also need a working knowledge of a
powerful graphics program such as a recent version of Corel. The
system is expensive, but in time you can find plenty of uses for
it. I have been doing custom design slides for slide bracelets,
custom wedding bands, logos, and some heraldic work. I do my own
designs, work for other stores and designs for my retail
customers. Be happy to talk off-orchid.

Hello Rick. The plunge is deep. May suggest that you do a lot of
research on this be for you drop any money. I hold my hat out to
you. Iv just got started with it and I wish that Id done more
research on it. It is new and we as jewelers ( shall I say
artistes) must consider all tools put be for us. Good luck. If I
can be of help E-mail is @merritt. True

Try Jewelcad for free. Just give me your address and I’ll send
you a CD for free. You’ll need a PC 166 or greater with a CD ROM