Art school

and at my suggestion taking a course in jewelry at Mass Art.

Sorry to butt in here, Richard and Steve! but could you answer
a question, Richard, about this suggestion of yours. I am moving
to Boston this year and am interested in picking up a course or
two. Is Mass Art good/cheap/semester-length? Did you suggest it
over other schools in the area from your own experience or
knowledge of the faculty? Just curious here, don’t have a
particular agenda myself, looking for recommendations. If you can
help, thanks in advance!

-ieva swanson

While your asking the question…here’s another half related
one; What graduate schools would one recommend for a masters
program in metals/jewelry? If you have a B.F.A. in another medium
would that complicate acceptance?

Hi Ieva-

The schools up there allow you to take courses at other schools
(at least within the Massachusetts University system) and I have
heard good things about the instructors at Mass Art.

The Museum of Fine Arts has a program in jewelry at their
school, there is a program at the North Bennett Street School
that is intensive and very good,a few adult education programs
(one in Cambridge) so you should find something.

It has been a while since I lived up there, but with something
like 50 colleges in the Boston area and 250,000 college students,
there is lots to choose from. I took classes at the Harvard
Extension School in Japanese history and 20th century art. I’ve
always regreted not taking the sailing program on the Charles
river. > I show at the Artful Hand in Copley Place.

Rick Hamilton
Richard D. Hamilton, Jr