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Art nouveau

hi Man you guys are really turning me on now. I didn’t even think
anyone would respond. Fouquet is awesome, have you seen the gaudi
books that have come to barnes and noble lately, the tile and
plaster carved ceilings are like being in another world. Speaking of
being in another world, I saw Dickey Betts in a small/incredibly
beautiful opera/ playhouse with astounding acoustics, in dover n.j.
the other night, and his band with killer guitarist buddy of his
rocked the damn house for 3.5 hours, and played in memory of
elizabeth reed, hot atlanta, bros. & sisters
songs… I know about those english metalworkers,
carree. I think that their style with the real long line handles,
that look like big ears in all their variations are so revolutionary
and unique. Wish i could see more of that. Wish i could see the
photo albums. I have been thinking lately of cutting some of my best
books up so that i could paste up the pictures and i wouldn’t have
to open the books and turn pages… constant visual. Does anyone
know where you can get posters of art nouveau crafts. You know
Robert Adams was really in support of art nouveau even though his
interiors were so red and victorian, and I read that many of the
european designers started in that direction from his seed. Like
VandeVelde. . Do you know much about Elmslie(sullivan draftsman),
damn never seen that stuff in chicago yet, never knew about
sullivan until 10 years ago, studied horta, guimard etc. As a matter
of fact, I never even realized(what a dope) who gaudi was until 5
years ago, can never turn back!!! Just one more thing August Endell,
Pankok, Obrist, damn out of this world. There are so many more too
Germany, denmark, austria, italy…!!!


and what about Alphonse Mucha, who designed some stuff that Foquet
made ? Bit about that in eNAMEL Online Newsletter, no’s 2 & 3,
accessed from :

see, the Mucha articles. Stacks more on Brian Yoder’s site, accessed
via link from the Mucha articles.

al heywood

I am sure most of you that are interested in Art Nouveau jewelry
have already seen this book, but if you haven’t it’s worth it’s
weight in gold.

Art Nouveau Jewelry - Vivienne Becker

It’s a must!


BTW Robert Adam, no s, was 18th C, neo classical architect… In
Paris, the Musee Carnavalet has an entire store interior that Mucha
did as well as the carved front with a bronze lady. it has life sized
peacocks on the back wall in bronze and enamel and stained glass. It
is a bit mucha for my taste, but it is the real thang…Jay