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Art nouveau design

Hi, Does anyone on this sight understand art nouveau design? No one
ever mentions it. What, there’s no need? Not jewelry so much, as
the carving in the ceilings, or the ornamental ironwork(carved then
cast), on the in and exterior of the buildings. Does anyone know the
designs of Louis Sullivan, the (Pirie, Scott & Co.dept. store), and
what they carve to make the detailed iron castings. Are their any
Hector Guimard, Victor Horta, Galle, Riemerschmid, Gaudi fans out
there? Do you know that the Art Nouveau movement, for many, was an
attempt to bring the Arts & Crafts movement up to the level of Fine
Arts, and also unite all forms of art into societies, like the
Bauhaus, Les Vingts(Monet, Van de velde), the english metal workers,
etc. Another main objective was to let go of all conceptual symbols,
even organic concepts, including copying nature directly. Or at
least to abstract it, that was very popular, and of course, is the
basis for most carving. But the use, purely, of line, imagination
and feeling, is said to be art nouveau’s greatest gift. And some
damn gift, it turned out to be. There is nothing more incredible
than Sullivan/Elmslie entrances and freizes, or Gaudi’s Guell park,
etc., or Guimard’s Paris Metro entrances, or Horta’s work!!! I
can’t beleive that they rip these things down!!! Over 60% of
Sullivan’s work has been demolished in Chicago. Never to be seen
again, probably, in our in our children’s, children’s lifetimes.


Hi All

I’m a BIG fan of Lalique & Fouquet - LOVE art nouveau. Found an
original period restaurant when I was in Paris & ate there 4 out of
6 nites. Was lucky enough to hold/study/photograph an 18 Lalique
mermaid necklace - rare material for Renee, as you know. A year
later I found the matching bracelet pictured in a design book from
1902 - the book was part of a 2 volume set for sale in an antique
book shop near the British Museum. Sadly I couldn’t afford to buy
the necklace or even the books ($300) but it sure was a thrill to
see them.

Jeanette K


I’m right there with you. I have binders of photocopies of Art
Nouveau jewelry, architecture, etc. that I constantly use for
inspiration. ANd having grown up in Chicago, have marveled at the
Sullivan stuff. How about the theatre at Columbia (I think that’s
where it is)

And lets not forget all of the wonderful creations that came out of
the UK as well with Archibald Knox and LIberty.

I believe it was a truly amazing period for all of the arts.


There is a very interestng website. After
choosing a city to enter the site you can then choose a service
category from the drop down menu, ie: Architect, there are different
related links for each service category. Example: New York City
Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Diane Sadel

Nouveau design did get punished abit more than some art forms Horta
for example burned all his prints according to one book I read. I like
to emulate the style and movement sometimes in my own work and there
are allot of references around. Hope you continue your appreciation of
the form. David

Art Nouveau was the high spot in art history as far as I am
concerned. I love all aspects of it. There was a building
demolision in Chicago and my husband and I “rescued” a cornice. Not
art nouveau but definitely wonderful in design. I wonder if there
is a Sullivan/architectual preservation society in Chicago you could
contact and perhaps get some info and help save the work that you
love so much? good luck! Mary


I’m very interested in Art Nouveau. I’ve seen Gaudi and Guimard on
location in the 1960’s, and have followed the Pre-Raphaelites and the
Surrealist positions on Art Nouveau most of my life. I am currently
working out ways to create shapes very much like those of Art Nouveau
candle-sticks, using a metal lathe & milling machine with indexing.
These are for use in my sculptures, which are loosely based on 19th.
century steam engines (themselves very involved with Art Nouveau
concepts). Are you working with Art Nouveau designs? Wm.