Art Jewelry Magazine

Anybody know of this soon to be published magazine?
Daniel Ballard

Daniel, I had someone from the magazine in my booth at an art fair
this year but I don’t really know any more about the magazine. I
think it’s being published by the same folks who publish Bead and
Button, but I could be wrong about that.

Deb Karash

    Anybody know of this soon to be published magazine? 

Daniel, this may be the one that Bead and Button magazine is
spinning off

I must have missed the first question about this magazine. I know
that there is a new German magazine put out by GZ. For any of you
that know GZ, the Art Jewelry is unbelievable. Very inspiring. They
have put together a new publication of all the “ART Jewelry”
published in previous magazines. There are three out right now, and
all are wonderful. Their website is The are
three published Autumn 2002, Spring 2003 and Autumn 20043. They
are EUR 17,90 per copy overseas airmail postage… Contact
Ruehle-Diebener-Publishing, Box 70 04 50 D -70574 Stuttgart,
Germany. Fax +49 (0) 71-976 6749 I would recommend them!

If there is another Art Jewelry Magazine, I sure would love to know.


Hey, Daniel – Art Jewelry magazine is a fledgling effort by the
folks at Bead and Button, which is published by Kalmbach.

Dan Woodard

Dear Daniel,

Yes, Art Jewelry Magazine is a special issue of Bead & Button
Magazine. You can check it out at The issue is
$4.95 in US and $6.95 for Canada/Foreign. You can call 800-533-6644
to order. All the best,

Cynthia Clinton 
Clintonia Couture Jewelry
Modern Relics for Ancient Spirits
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I just sent for a free issue of GZ and this was in the email

Furthermore we are going on to publish a new magazine called "GZ Art

  • Design" in October. GZ Art + Design will be completely in English
    and is focusing on modern jewellery design. GZ Art + Design is
    interesting for all gold- and silversmiths, designer and artists,
    producer, retailer etc. For more please click here:
    GZ Journal - Dein Online Blog.

BTW, it comes out twice a year

Jeffrey Everett

Hi Everyone,

Art Jewelry is being published by Kalmbach Publishing Co.
( Same company that publishes Bead & button. The first
issue is coming out in early January.

–Shahasp Valentine