Art Fair Chair

My art fair chair is falling apart, and I would like to replace it
with one that will do less damage to my lovely rubber floor mats.
Does anyone know where to get a high folding chair with tubes istead
of legs, more like a classic lawn chair? I feel that I’ve seen them,
but don’t know where.



I just bought a tall, folding director’s chair from Dealer’s Supply It’s light weight and sturdy, even
under my 250 lb frame. The legs of the chair are tubes so it might
lessen the wear and tear on your mats.

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan
Colorado Springs, Colorado

I believe Dick Blick (ships quick!) has em. Google their catalog. If
that doesn’t work, email me. I have friends who have the tube chairs
and I will ask them.


My chair is thoroughly worn out. I’m not willing to go out and buy
just any chair that’s on sale. I want a great chair and will even pay
dearly for the perfect chair.

So, what kind of chair should I get?


I was recently at a show and a fellow jeweler had a really beautiful
and comfortable chair from Hollywood Chairs - not sure of the website
but I am sure you can google it and find it. Probably quite expensive
but you get what you pay for.


These are the most comfortable and nice to look at chairs I’ve seen
or sat in. Not that I have one. They do come dear. But lots of artist
friends have em.


Thanks to those who responded about the metal director’s chair. Dick
Blick has them, as do some other folks. I was inclined to get it
from Blick, but decided to just check eBay first. I just bought one
there-- it is similar, but the back is aslightly angled instead of
straight vertical; the back and seat are padded and connected
together; the arms are padded; and it has a fold-down table attached
to the right side, for just about the same price ($69, plus $21
shipping). The feedback from others who bought it is quite

Now that I bought this one (“buy it now”) it no longer appears in a
search (“tall chair”) but since the vendor has clearly been selling
a bunch of identical chairs, I’m sure it will pop up again. I’ll be
happy to give the seller’s info if anyone wants it.


I just bought a tall, folding director's chair from Dealer's

Let me make one comment about this type of chair design for those
who are considering buying it. I had a wood director’s chair that had
this same kind of crossed bar arrangement and it drove me crazy
because I couldn’t comfortably rest my feet on the horizontal bottom
bar. The crossed bars prevented my heels from dropping back, which
meant that the weight of my legs was always on my heels instead of
the balls of my foot. That might not make a difference to some of
you, but it did to me.


I think the company that made my Light Dome canopy makes a
director’s chair of aluminum tubing. Don’t have the site handy, but a
quick Google should do it.

Allan Mason

My chair is thoroughly worn out. I'm not willing to go out and buy
just any chair that's on sale. I want a great chair and will even
pay dearly for the perfect chair. 

I know I’m a bit late on this one, but no one seemed to mention
Pacific Chair Design. It’s made of solid oak; has a replaceable
seat, although in 6 years there’s no sign of wear on mine; they ship
promptly; and even though they only mention 30" seat height, I was
able to order 27" and it shipped the next day, no extra charge. This
company is in Morro Bay, CA; no web site to my knowledge, but toll-
free number 805-772-7575.

Bev Ludlow

Having had a Hollywood chair break (catastrophically - I almost
ended up on the floor!) under me while at a show, I wouldn’t
recommend them.

They are quite expensive, and while they claim to be rated to 350
lbs, I really doubt it. I don’t weigh that much.

Elizabeth Schechter
RFX Studios