Art Clay Vs. PMC]

Dear All,

I would like to respond to this message posted by Noel from the
Orchid Web Site.

This is misleading and I would like to clarify the
“discount for teachers” when ordering Precious Metal Clay from Rio
Grande. There is an organization for educational support of Precious
Metal Clay know as the PMC Guild. The PMC Guild has a training, and
testing program known as the PMC Guild Certification Program.
Participants who successfully pass this intense and rigorous three day
training program are awarded benefits from the PMC Guild and benefits
from Rio Grande. Rio Grande has graciously offered the “PMC REWARDS
PROGRAM” as an incentive for teachers to enroll in this “Black Belt”
of PMC classes. The only people enrolled in the PMC Rewards Program
are the individuals that have successfully passed the PMC Guild
Certification Class. The PMC Rewards is the program that offers
discounts on PMC, tools, and finding for working with Precious Metal

You can still receive PMC at a discount by ordering in quantity from
Rio Grande. This price break begins at 5 one ounce packages of PMC .
To order PMC you can go to

For on the PMC Guild and the PMC Certification Program
you can go to or SOON to the NEW web site of

To summarize. You are eligible for “teacher discounts” from Rio Grande
after completing the PMC Guild Certification Class.

Thank you for your time,

CeCe Wire Director, PMC Guild