Art Clay vs. PMC

20 grams of Art Clay is now $27.00 and 50 grams is $65.20

I do distribute and teach Art Clay Silver Classes and, as one of the
other poster’s stated, we’re more ready to “deal” than Rio Grande!
If you want any just visit my web site at :

If you send an e-mail with any questions that aren’t answered on the
site, I’ll respond within 24 hours.

Kathie Bishop
Imagine! Glassworks

Just quick note on the Art Clay vs. PMC.

For $29.50 you get 31.1 grams of silver (approximately 40.20 grams
including binders) when you buy PMC. The 20 gram purchase of Art Clay
includes the weight of the binder.

But even ignoring that, the rate on PMC is better…

PMC = $.95/gram (net)
PMC+ = $1.05/gram (net)
20 gram Art Clay = $1.35/gram (gross)
50 gram Art Clay = $1.30/gram (gross)

PMC saves about $.40 per gram or $8.00 per ounce.

Rio Grande also offers discounts for orders as small as 5 packages.
We also will deliver next day to most locations if desired. Phillip
Scott GG Rio Grande 1-800-545-6566

To all who have used both:
Is there really a difference?

Jan (who has only used PMC)

Not really in my experience. Each type (clay, syringe, paste etc)
has it’s own characteristics, and each formulation likewise (PMC,
PMC3, ACS, ACS 650 etc), the most obvious being firing
temperatures/times and shrinkage factor.

I’ve used all the formulations for both makes at one time or
another, and now I just use whichever one is best suited to a project
regardless of whether it is PMC or Art Clay.

My ‘workhorse’ metal clay of choice is ACS 650, because it has less
shrinkage than PMC.


I would say that four years ago there was more difference than there
is now. An Art Clay instructor I know says “Coke and Pepsi,” it’s
just personal preference.

Try for yourself and see, you can get a small package.

Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay