Art clay gold paste on silver

Related to the gold plating question.

I was reading, in the July Art Jewelry Mag, about a technique of
using Art Clay Gold Paste on a silver metal clay piece. I don’t do
metal clay, so I was wondering if the Gold Paste could be used on
sterling silver sheet to add designs or accents?

Thanks to everyone for such an informative list! I think this forum
is great, especially for beginners like me!


When it first came out, I tried it on sterling that I raised fine
silver on and it didn’t work. I then tried it on milled fine silver,
no good. There is something with the silver slip that might make it
work, but I think the success comes from the porosity of the metal

Just use kumboo or fuse some real gold to the silver - use 18K or
higher to avoid alloy problems.

Judy Hoch