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I’m going to Arrowmont June 7-11 and will be in a workshop about
patinas. It’s taught by Deborah Krupenia. Anyone else going or
does anyone know anything about her? I really like being a
student for week at art camp. It’s good to change perspective.

Marilyn Smith


I live in Gatlinburg and have been to some classes at Arrowmont.
Don’t know anything about your instructor. Wish you lots of fun
and good learning!



I’ve been taking classes with Deborah for over a year now, and
she is an extremely talented and gifted artist. She is also an
excellent teacher. You can find some examples of her work in
either Jink McGrath’s book or in Tim McCreigth’s (I can’t
remember which one and I don’t have it with me). She works
mainly with marriage of metals and has recently co-authored a
book - “The Art of Jewelry Design : Production Jewelry by 20 Top
Designers”. Please be sure to say hi to her for me and tell her
I promise to be back to class in the fall!

Lynne Chantler


I’m also going to Arrowmont to take the Bonney Doon/Enamelling
class starting August 9. I live in Illinois and am driving

If anyone is planning on taking classes at Arrowmont during that
week and would like to share gas money, e-mail me offline. I’m
planning on leaving from Chicago on Saturday and go down through
Indianapolis to Gatlinburg -a 2 day trip.



Hi Sally, I look forward to meeting you at Arrowmont. Just to set
the record straight, the title of the class is Die Forming and
Enameling. Susan Kingsley (who wrote the book, Hydraulic Die
Forming for Jewelers & Metalsmiths) teaches the die forming
portion, and I teach the enameling. Bonny Doon is the name of Lee
Marshall’s company that manufactures the hydraulic press we use
in class. Lee also teaches die forming workshops but is not
connected to this class. This will be our fifth time to teach
this workshop at Arrowmont, and the first time as a summer class.
We have really enjoyed the entire Arrowmont experience each time
we have been there, especially the creative and hardworking
students and the opportunity to meet so many wonderful artists.

See you in August

Carol Holaday


Thanks to all for the replies. I know that I will like
Arrowmont, I always do. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve
taken a workshop there. I didn’t really know anything about the
instructor but I didn’t have much choice as to when I went. I’ve
been in a number of workshops taught by people that I didn’t knew
by reputation and I’ve always learned something, worked myself
silly, and generally enjoyed myself.

Marilyn Smith