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Argentium Sterling Hallmark

Hello all,

I am a newbie lurker, and have learned so much from all your posts.

I belong to an online vintage jewelry discussion and educational
group called JewelCollect. Someone from there posed this question:
on a piece of silver jewelry, there is a mark with a capital A
adjacent to the .925 designation. What does it mean? I found some of
my jewelry marked as such also. One respondent said it meant
Argentium silver. Another said this: "The link you sent indicates
that Argentium Silver is marked with a lower case “as” mark, not an
upper case ‘A’ " in regard to the following link

Could someone please clear this up for me?

Thanks so much in advance.
Kindest regards,
Nancy Robinson in Vermont

Hi Nancy,

Though it is true that the logo for Argentium Sterling is a stylized
"as", A925 is a common way to mark Argentium Sterling. Eventually,
“as” stamps will be widely available, I think. At the moment, all
such things are “on hold” because Middlesex University, where Peter
Johns (inventor of AS) is a professor, is the owner of Argentium
Silver Co. The University is in the process of selling the company
(as Universities typically do, so that they can then fund spin-offs
of other professors’ inventions and ideas). In the meantime, people
are marking (or not marking!) Argentium Silver as they wish, since
the only legal requirement is that it be marked 925 or sterling. I
hope this clarifies things for you, and the JewelCollect group.

Cynthia Eid