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Argentium Sterling Clarification


I do not have any financial interest in Argentium Sterling Silver. I
simply love the material. I think that it is a wonderful innovation
that, unlike laser welders and other technical marvels, is affordable
to jewelers and metalsmiths at all economic levels.

Also, I want Argentium Silver to succeed in the marketplace, so that
it will always be available. I am old enough to have seen great
products and companies disappear----it is not enough for a product
to be terrific---- there is a lot more than that required for a
business to succeed.


I couldn’t agree with you more, Cynthia. Argentium is the greatest
advancement in our field since sterling was first used. Years ago,
when Argentium was first introduced to the U.S., I was its technical
advisor in North America. That was six years ago. Though I no longer
have any affiliation with the licensing company and receive no
monetary compensation, I still recommend this amazing material. My
hope is that the silver industry wakes up and starts using Argentium
Sterling Silver for flatware production. This is important, since the
survival of the large silver companies (based on their flatware
sales) also helps us sell our work. Their advertising keeps silver in
consumers’ minds, and their use of Argentium would hurdle us all over
the tarnish issue.

My five cents.

Jeffrey Herman
Herman Restoration & Conservation