Argentium ring and chain are dull

I have only started using Argentium recently. I love the way it
fuses and solders, and the firescale resistance(!), but I find my
finished pieces develop a dull, muddy look to them.

If I have just polished or tumbled them, they look great, but (one
of my two chains, and a ring) they look crummy a few hours later.
Traditional sterling doesn’t get that look (to my eye) even if quite

The only chain that stays bright is one that I made into a choker,
so it’s touching my skin all the time. The inside of the ring has a
brushed not a bright finish, so it’s hard to tell, but it looks
better to me.

Does anyone else see this: Argentium has a yellowish cast, and
traditional sterling is bluish?

thanks for any insight,

In my experience, Argentium silver only turns yellowish after 3 or 4
months and indicates the first stage of tarnish.? I wonder if you
have some sort of air pollution in your environment.? Polish the
silver with Goddards silver polish immediately after tumbling
because this polish can act as a protection.? To remove the gray,
scrub the item with a toothbrush using Joy dishwashing soap, then
polish with Goddards.