Argentium in the UK


I have just tried a sample of Argentium from Cooksons (I am in the
UK) and when I rang them to ask about casting grain they said that
they were discontinuing it, as stocks run out, by the end of April.
Due to the contract lapsing with their supplier. I didn’t really
quite understand what was going on.

I liked it for fusing and granulation, and would like to add it to
my repertoire, does anyone know who else in the UK sells it? I could
get it from Rio or another US supplier but for small quantities
someone in the UK would be more convenient.

Regards, Tim Blades.

You could try Blundell’s of Hatton Wall or Johnson-Matthey of Hatton
Garden. Maybe Palmer metals even, they do keep quite a few things
Cooksons used to have but no longer stock.

Nick Royall


Below is an excerpt from the News section of Argentium
International’s web site []

It says that they are changing manufacturers. I am told that papers
are close to being signed.

In the meantime, if you can’t find what you need in the UK, you may
be able to order it from the U.S., or some other part of Europe. The
US companies that I know have experience with shipping
internationally include (alphabetically) Allcraft, Rio Grande, and
Stuller. If you have trouble, the CEO invites you to contact the
company for help.

Cynthia Eid

New Argentium sales & distribution strategy

Argentium International would like to announce some important
and exciting developments relating to Argentium International's
sales and distribution strategy. These changes will take place
during the first quarter of 2010. 

To improve the distribution of Argentium Silver we are moving
from a single supplier and partnering with carefully selected
''best-in-class'' manufacturers. The first of which will be
announced to coincide with this month's Vicenza Fair, with
further international appointments being unveiled very shortly

In the meantime, Argentium Silver will continue to be available
from your usual sources until our new partners are announced. 

These changes will allow Argentium International to serve our
valued customers better and ensure that we meet market demands
even faster. Our new partnerships will allow us to lay the
foundation for future Argentium innovations, some of which we
hope to launch this year. 

We do not anticipate any interruptions to supply, however,
should you have any questions, please contact us at [info at
argentiumsilver dot com] and we will respond within one working

Please continue to check this News & Events webpage for further

Richard Leyens, CEO
Argentium International Limited

I contacted the Argentium helpline and they said they’re finalising a
deal with another UK supplier and will make an announcement when it’s

Cookson’s in the UK have stopped selling Argentium sterling. I’m
gutted - I love the stuff! I’m presuming there wasn’t enough demand,
but I don’t know because they didn’t answer my email (not for the
first time).

I’ve been told that Argex are going to start stocking it soon, so
I’ve emailed them to ask about purchasing it. Shame they don’t sell
via the web, as that’s how I prefer to order, as you can keep
changing your order to fit your budget - something you can’t really
do on the phone, and I am phone-phobic anyway.

Really disappointed.