Argentium comparisons

Are there any technical papers published on Argentium, Sterilium,
Contiuum comparing the three. Argentium and Sterilium both have
geranium, does Contiuum also ? Has there been any independent studies
or comparisons ?

Trying to enlighten my students with this type of info. Any help
would be appreciated.


There is stuff out there James, but not being a third party I?m not
sure what you want to take from my talking points. I can tell you
that there is no Germanium in Continuum Sterling. Therefore there is
no ‘Hot Shortness’ or hot brittle mode failure in quenching.

I will say Continuum can be hardened much harder, yet it maintains a
similar work-hardening curve when cold working as regular sterling.

It is worth getting to know this new Sterling for what it brings to
the market.

True structural strength and durability, this is not just marketing

It is a little more costly, but if setting valuable stones or you
just don’t want the ring returned for lost stones, it is worth the
little extra cost.