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Argentium bead setting


It sounds like an incomplete story. It also sounds to me like the
problem may have been over-worked, hardened metal. I’m not sure what
is meant by “just rolled through rollers”, but it sound like it
needed to be annealed.

When I have asked professional engravers to do a blind comparison
between SS and AS, they were not able to tell the difference, and it
engraved beautifully. Sometimes, we blame the metal, when in fact, in
this case, it sounds like it was a mistake in the metal preparation.

Cynthia Eid

I was told afterwards that the metal in question was a composite of
many rings melted together. Then this student gave this “ring” to
demo on. My bright-cutting seemed out the ordinary and then came the
breaking beads…ouch! Then came his apologies…oh well! things

Gerry !