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Argentium and copper mokume gane

Many thanks for the previous responses to my mokume gane troubles
(the ring wouldn’t stay closed when heating) and then for thinner
sheet, I overheated and ruined it (seemed to ooze Argentium).I did
managed to solder a ring shut and made it in an anticlastic shape,
thinking that it would help to keep the copper portions off the skin.
I was also carefulnot to over file/buff the inside of the ring (and
remove the Argentium bottom layer). But, I still have a sludgy green
on my finger (contact with the edges, parallel lines).I am hoping for
advice on trying to solder on rails to the ring without ruining it.
If starting from scratch, would I solder on Argentium wire on a strip
of mokume gane (I don’t think, that if I soldered the wire on top of
the strip that I would stop the copper edge?) Or, should I form the
band first and try to solder on two wire bands to the top and bottom
(without solder running all over the pretty pattern)?Many thanks in
advance for your help!