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Are there other choices for making a pin back?

David, When attaching pin backs to enameled ware, what works well for
me is to preset the pin hardware before the enamel process.

Solder a small section of fine silver tubing using IT solder. A
matching diameter loop in the pin fits over the tube and the tube is
flared to retain the pin. There are several ways of gathering tension
on the pin. You need to anchor the pivot end. If you bend a "D"
shape on the pin wire, then form the loop, a slot cut in the tube
will accommodate the straight part of the “D” and provide the pin
tension. I use small diameter stainless steel welding rod for
nonstandard pins. You can often buy a half dozen pieces from a shop
since most welding shops here don’t want to sell from broken packages
because of OSHA. File a nice taper on the pin, and then polish the tip
to perfection. Nothing is worse than ripping a hole in a lady’s
favorite silk blouse.

The other end of the pin can anchored by a little fine silver hook or
post with a saw cut. Again use IT solder. IT solder contains some
copper so be careful where and how you use it as sometimes the
darkened copper will show through transparent enamels. There has been
a lot recently on depletion and that is what is required if you are
enameling over solder. Better yet try to avoid doing that.

Hope this helps.
Bill in Vista