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Archive mark as read

The improvements here are wonderful and appreciated, but I’m missing a nice feature we had on the old website:

It was a system for marking archive entries as read, and it really helped when working through a long list of entries during an archive search.

One difference between the old and new websites might make implementing this feature tricky. On the old site, my archive search returned a listing of single posts, and the option to see an entire thread was available within a single post. Whereas the new website seems to be organized by threads and not single posts.

Presently, when reading an entry and using the Back Key to return to the archive search listing, after reading and clicking through several entries on the listing, I’m not able to determine the last entry I read on the search listing. Sometimes it seems like using the Back Key is not always returning to the exact location on the listing page.

A text color system was used in the old website’s archive listing, making it easy to see exactly what I had already read in the search listing. Could we have some kind of “marked as read” system in the archive search listings? If we already have such a system, would you please explain how to use it?

Hi Betty - see below for responses.

Yes, the challenge is that individual discrete posts are, by design, extremely difficult to search. To enable search, and to enable readability, threading was essential.

What you describe wasn’t system of the website, but rather your browser. Once you clicked a link, the browser changed the color of that link.

For saving posts or accessing them for later, try clicking the little “wrench” on the thread on the side bar… there are a number of options there for navigating threads.

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Hi Seth,

Thanks for the help.

Would you be able to post a photo of where the wrench is? And where/ what the options for navigating threads?

I cannot seem to find them…Thanks

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On my screen, it is just above the side scroll bar… which you will only see for posts with multiple responses. But I am an admin so things might be different.

One surefire way to do it is to simply like a thread with the little heart button, and then you can always do an advanced search and look for only threads that you have liked.

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Hi Seth,

I think you are special (yes you are!) because I do not have a wrench anywhere on my screen.

for the icons, at the bottom of my posts/ replies, I have:

heart- to favorite
chain- to link
three dots- which expands to add flag, and bookmark

(bookmark and favorite are cool!- I click on my profile icon, then my user name, then “Activity” and then can click on “likes” or “bookmarks” to see them listed)