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Arbor Presses


The short answer toyour questions is not really. An arbor press nis
made for pressing the shafts out of pulleys, bearings and gears. And
that type of work. the presses that are sold almost everywhere in
the USA. 1/2 or 1 ton models are of little use for punching out
shapes in metal. This is a site to get you started on the punching
out shapes.

The regular site is down so the discussion gruop will have to do.
Also you should get the book.

It will detail what you need to know. You don’t cut out a stamp you
make a blanking die to cut out the shape it is only worth the
expenses if you are creating numerous pieces. That is if you have to
purchase all the equipment to do it.

For stamping letters,words or designs into metal pewter would be
easy because of its soft nature. But here again you will need an
adapter or something to hold the stamps in registration so the
imprint will be in the same place also the amount of force you need
will be greater than than a bench top arbor press will deliver.

I belive that the RioGrande company is going to produce the
equipment at sometime. Get the book it shows enough pictures and
explanations so any machine shop handy person can build a set up.

Hope this helps.

And to your last question there is this:

I am not ashamed to admit, that I am ignorant of the things I do not
know. said by some famous guy in the fifth century could be BC/AC
don’t remember

been there done that loved the book and mine is the second review on
Amazon LOL