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Araldite [Was: Cracked doublet tricks]

. One of the tricks is to smear a very very thin trace of araldite around the

Please inform as to what araldite is. Sounds like a very useful product.
Thanks. Nancy in hot humid Illinois

G’day: Araldite is an epoxy two-pot synthetic resin first marketed (and
probably invented) by the Arald Brothers in England donkey’s years ago -
not too long after WW2 Cheers,

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At (not very) sunny Nelson NZ (in mid- winter)

Dear Nancy,
“Araldite” is an epoxy resin glue of the two pack variety.
Maybe “Araldite” is a proprietary product name here in Australia but not
in the USA. It comes in two types: One is a 5 minute hardening time, and
the other takes much longer (about 7 hours) to set, although the longer
curing time is supposed to make it much stronger.

The product is made by a company called Selleys Chemical Company which is
part of the Ciba Geigy chemicals empire. On my pack it says it’s made in
Australia and New Zealand, but I simply assumed that it was one of those
ubiquitous world economy products beloved by economic rationalists.

It comes in two tubes, a and b, and one simply squeezes out equal blobs
from each tube and mixes the two blobs together, and you have what is
known in the trade here as “the jeweller’s best friend”.

I am sure there must be an equivalent product in the USA.
Hope this helps, Nancy. Kind regards, Rex from Oz.

G’day John,
the breadth of your knowledge never ceases to surprise and
delight me. Looking forward to even more contributions.
Kind regards, Rex from Oz