Arabian hallmarks

Hi all,
Is there anyone out who knows the hallmarks used in Arabian
countries? I have come across some jewellery with marks like ^
or 7, but sometimes they were partly deleted, and I don’t know
what gold qualities are used in these countries and if they also
use 18k, 22k and so on. Assaying with the touchstone doesn’t
give exact measure of quality, and I don’t have access to
another method. Markus

Hi Markus,the marks on Arabian jewelry are the Arabic numerals of
21k and 18k and 22k…which are the used karats in the Arabic
countries ,since the 2 in Arabic is the invert of 7 in English
that is if you look at an English written 7 in a mirror that’s 2
in Arabic and if you turn the letter V upside down (^) that’s 8
in Arabic and 1 is a small vertical line like the back slash (
) .hope its clear,…Hratch.

Hi Hratch, Thank you very much, I’m now seeing clearer. Markus