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Aquamarine source

Hey all. I need a good source for aquamarine cabs, smooth or rose cut, maybe faceted. Any recommendations?


Bill Gangi, Rare Earth Minerals, James Alger, Village Silversmith. . .These stone dealers offer different quality ranges and different price ranges.

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Thank you, Linda!


Pegi Pike Jewelry


My work is also available at Flow Gallery in downtown Marshall, NC.

We carry a wide range of aquamarine. Contact me off-line, if I can be of help.

Kind regards,

Mary Stachura

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Many thanks Mary been searching for a potential project.

I’m seeing a lot of beautiful rose cut aquamarine on Instagram - quality and prices vary but reasonable either way. Do a search for #aquamarine / #aquamarinecabs / #aquamarinecabochins / #rosecut and you should bring up lots of options



Yes, lots of seller on IG, I think the most well known is @hausofstones
Etsy is also another place to find them. I second Village Silversmith, they have IG sales that are not part of their regular stock in their etsy shop.

Thanks, all! I’m following up on several of these suggestions!

Mary, DUH on me, I forgot to add your name to the list I supplied. Stachura has a huge selection of beautiful stones and is my go to source for them. Check out their great website.

I went window shopping there for a planned project. Was truly impressed.