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Aqua-colored cabochons

  I am looking for a Cabochon, 15mm, 16mm and 17mm, transparent to
translucent aquamarine colored imitiation or stone. This can be
glass, or some form of plastic. I am trying to fill a customer's
order here and am having no luck with any of my suppliers; heck,
even ebay has not had what I need. Email me if you have anything.

Hi Silverfoot, If Synthetic Spinel will do – that is, the material
most commonly used as a substitute for Aquamarine in birthstone and
school rings – I’ll be glad to cut you as few or many cabs as you
need.Just let me know what shape you’d like them to be and provide
me with your phone number, so we can discuss pricing and shipping,
and I’ll take it from there. Easy enough?

All the best,
Doug Turet Lapidary Artist/Designer
Another Bright Idea!
Tel. (617) 325-5328
eFax (928) 222-0815

Hi, I make fused glass cabochons and could fuse some Aqua colored
ones for you. Just drop me an e-mail with what your looking for and we
can discuss pricing.

Take care…Patty

Patricia L.Johnson
PLJ Glass Art