April 1st - Info on your credit card machine

April 1st some stores will need to redownload their credit card
software if it is used to work over IP connection. This would mean a
connection over the internet. Typically would not mean if your credit
card terminal “dials” thru an old fashion phone line.

Detailed website info Is at:

This is from a trusted QuickBooks advisor I know who is an expert in
this field.

Here’s the short info on what the link says. Just to apprise you:

Global Network Updates

It has just been announced that, effective April 1, 2013, some
Global network front-end merchants will need to have download
updates performed on their credit card machines due to PCI
related security updates, or else the machines will cease to work
over IP connection. Only some Global networks are affected, and
this applies only to some of the following machines: Omni 3740,
Omni 3750, and certain Vx570 models.

We are providing you with this in advance so (a) you
know to expect it and (b) if and when you receive a notification,
you know it is legitimate and needs to be acted upon promptly. If
you have any doubts or questions as to whether or not you are
affected, I would suggest that you contact your processor
Customer Service department, or Contact Us

It’s important to understand that, as inconvenient as having to
re-download your credit card machine sounds, it is far better
than getting an “end of life” notice and being forced to buy a
new machine. And therein lies the rub. Lots of unscrupulous
salespeople and processors hear “cha-CHING” when these sorts of
notices come out, and use them as scare tactics to force unwary
merchants to buy machines they don’t need. So if somebody,
anybody, contacts you and tells you that you MUST buy a new
credit card machine, be aware that you are being scammed. Please
please PLEASE look before you leap.

Again, Contact Us if in doubt.

Another scam to be very wary of: If and when the time comes to
re-download your machine, make sure you are really talking to
your processor, not someone out to steal your batch deposits by
programming THEIR program into YOUR terminal. That means YOU
initiate the call to the tech department at your processor, not
the other way around. And NEVER respond to emailed links or
anonymous phone calls. And most importantly, if somebody walks
through your door and tells you they need to
“adjust"or"fix"or"update” your credit card machine, don’t let
them anywhere near the machine until you are 10000% sure who they
are and where they come from. Otherwise, do NOT let them touch
your machine.

David Geller

David, thank you very much, I have had someone offering me the
upgrade to Quickbooks in an effort to get my processing business.
They were unsolicited but sounded like they were representing Intuit.
I hung up on them and will call Intuit myself. Intuit has always been
very helpful over the phone, they have always solved my problems

Thanks for the warning,
Sam Patania, Tucson