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Approaching Buyers


Hello Orchid family,

When recently in New York for the thanksgiving holidays, I popped
into Bergdorf Goodman.

I was very impressed with the designer jewellery floor, the
individual cabinets for each designers work, and the variety and
quality of jewellery.

I have been looking for a good location in New York for my work, and
having seen Bergdorf Goodman, I am giving it serious consideration in
being my one outlet in the city.

I live and work in Ireland at the moment, but that’s not a problem,
I can travel whenever I need to.

Maybe you could help me with a few curious questions…

What is the criteria expected when approaching buyers and large
companies in the states?

Do I need an agent when approaching large companies and potentially
big clients??

Here in Ireland, I approach potential customers directly.

And lastly, who should I talk to at the store?? does anyone know who
the buyer is??

I would really appreciate any direction or advice.

Very Sincerely



Hi Tina,

An agent would by costly. Locate the buyers name and call for an
appointment. The company will likely turn you away the first two
attempts. The buyer might actually speak with you the third. Follow
up with a business card or brochure.

Picking up new accounts is brutal. Many high end outlets prefer to
locate you rather than deal with salesmen on location. In this case,
trade shows and God’s blessing will get you in the door.

Merry Christmas,
Ed Cleveland


Hi Ed,

Thanks for your reply, I will take your advice. I’ll do a Google on
the buyers name, probably the best thing to do. The chance of me
being at an American trade show are slim at the moment, Ill try the
direct approach, there only people right?? If they like what they see
great!! If they don’t that’s fine too.

Cork, Ireland