Apprenticing experiences

Hey all, I am currently apprenticing to become a goldsmith. I am
about 5 months into my apprenticeship and was just wondering if
anyone else here did an apprenticeship. Because of time constraints,
the goldsmith I am studying under is only able to teach me once a
week. Is this normal? Does anyone have any apprenticing experiences
to share?

Thanks :slight_smile:


When I was taught my trade. I too, did an apprenticship, it was not
measured in weeks, months…but in YEARS!!! How about 9 years to
become a journeyman diamond setter. I am told that to become a
jeweller it does take about 5-6 years!! Many times I wanted to give
it all up!

But don’t get discouraged at the thought of spending harrowing
months just learning one aspect of this trade. I always tell my
students, the first 5,000 rings are always the hardest. In my
estimation one day a week is not really enough, because at the end of
the day, you will tend to forget about 25% of what you learned…but
make lots of notes and make diagrams galore.

I congratulate you on the perseverance of trying to get as much help
as you can…