Apprenticeship, St. Louis Mo. Jeweler

Im looking Vocational Rehab is talking about paying for an
apprenticeship in the St. Louis Missouri area. I need to find a good
jeweler who has the time to help me hone my skills for future
employment or self employment.

As some here may know, Im in my early 40’s with 2 wonderful young
daughters to care for, who became physical disability with spinal
injury due to an accident, which lead to the loss of my previous
career and caused my wife to divorce me. My disability will most
likely not even hinder anything I may be needed to do in the jewelry
trade, unless large amounts of weight is needed to be moved
frequently. In fact, on most days, most people can not even tell I
have a spinal problem.

I have created jewelry as a hobby as well as carried out repairs for
friends over the last several years. I have learned and improved my
skills with the help of friends, video training, books, local craft
and college classes, like St. Louis Community College and Craft
Alliance. I have also learned much from organizations like the
Society for Midwestern Metal Smith, GIA Alumni and the Australian
Gemological Association, and should be done with my GIA GG (graduate
gemologist) by New Years. I need to complete Gem ID and then the

I have some retail knowledge as well as how to perform many repairs.
I own most of the tools needed for the bench work and for gemology
ID. I’ve also tested and passed the JVC-JBAR Appraisal exam, and have
been working towards a Fine Arts degree at St. Louis Community


Hi Daniel,

Please contact me offline at @Wayne_Emery1. I have someone in
your area (Chesterfield) that is very interesting in talking with
you about your work situation. He runs a very nice store and is a
good businessman, and well-equipped. That’s wayne (underscore) And good luck, I hope it works well for you!