Apprenticeship or Internship

Hi Everyone,

My name is Rickson Salkeld and I am an aspiring young jewellery
major at OCAD and would LOVE to obtain a job, and or free or paid
apprenticeship and internship with a jeweller or company in Toronto.
I am applying for the summer recidency program so I may have access
to a bench from June on. If anyone has tips or advice for me I would
adore any. Thanks



I live in the Toronto area and you are coming into a very slack
period of the year. My only idea is to register at the community
college where I am teaching. This community college is ‘open’ all
week and all year. They have jewellery bench’s for everyone who wants
to learn. Their telephone number is 416-415-5000, ext. 4867 and ask
for Vickie and PLEASE use my name AND ORCHID.

Orchid is getting to be very well known from this setter…and
that’s the real truth!..Gerry!


As a wholesale jewelry manufacture, I would hire someone out of A
Junior collage any day. Actually prefer that to the students out of
some of the “big name schools”. So I am seconding Gerald’s advice.



Thanks for the advice. Does OCAD not count as a “big name school”?
The only other schools I know are NSCAD and George Brown. What
Wholesaler do you work for if you don’t mind me asking?


Some many years ago a student of the school I teach opened up her
own “design studio”. All of her staff were from this very same
college. The name is “George Brown College”, here in Toronto and from
the four campuses about 77,000 students are enrolled. The jewellery
course is from a two, to a 4 year course. Now she and her staff are
leaders in jewellery designing and are very well known throughout
Canada. This school is open 7 days a week and almost every night of
the week too. If I hear of someone from this college, I know
personally that they are good and well taught. Between college
taught and few weeks of school teaching, I feel that there is A BIG
DIFFERENCE. I will not differentiate from any other Ontario college,
but these are well known facts…

Gerry Lewy!

Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario (Canada) has a wonderful program
that I am proud to say that I am an alumni. The 2 year program is
very diverse and includes a co-op term for some on the job
experience. There is also a post grad program that is one year and
is a very intensive study of silversmithing or goldsmithing. This
college program really prepares a student to set up their own studio
and become self employed or gain employment in the field with
confidence in their ability and skill.

Even after I graduated (years ago) I can still count on the teachers
for support and advice.

Please contact Greg Merrall for more info or a tour of the facility.
(705)728-1968 ext. 1287 or ext.5370 or email