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Apprenticeship before graduate school

Hi all,

I am new here. I am currently about to enter my Senior year of
undergraduate studies. I am looking to continue in silver smithing,
jewelry and sculpture in graduate school, but would like to do an
apprenticeship or fellowship before graduate school to help with my
knowledge base and to work on my portfolio. I was wondering if
anyone knew of some resources for finding apprenticeships or
fellowship. I am mainly looking outside of the united states, but
also in.



the best thing you could do before grad school is work in a busy
trade repair and manufacturing shop. Trust me, it’ll be the best
education you could have as a metal smith. There is something new
every day.You really can’t believe some of the stuff that gets
thrown at you. You’ll be amazed at how many “old tricks” you can pick
up from old timers. You have to learn fast and be quick on your feet.
You’ll get paid. And best of all. After working in a trade shop,
when it’s time to go on to grad school, you’ll really,really enjoy
the luxury of enough time to really make something wonderful.

Have fun and make lots of great art.


Hello Alex,

Our industry in the US does not seem to be too well organized
regarding apprenticeship as a formal program. Don’t limit yourself to
opportunities that are specifically called “apprenticeship”. Look for
a “job” that offers the opportunity to advance your skills. I believe
that most countries that do have formal apprenticeships require quite
a long commitment of time and perhaps a lot of red tape to qualify.

Stephen Walker